1998 APHA Perlino Tovero Stallion

Pinto World Champion Sire

“Ranger” has sired numerous outstanding foals in the Paint and Half-Arabian breeds.  His foals are very intelligent with calm dispositions – excelling in many divisions including western pleasure, hunter pleasure, dressage and sport horse.  As they mature, we are seeing them in the equitation and showmanship divisions – which attest to their wonderful minds too!


Cupids Faded Gold is a rare Perlino Tovero (Tobiano/Overo) and all of his foals carry the crème gene that gives them their beautiful Palomino, Buckskin, Dun, Cremello, Smoky Black and Perlino colorations.


His exceptional movement and correctness give his foals amazing athletic ability – proving that you don’t have to loose quality in order to have the unique color!


Thinking of breeding?  Visit the color calculator and enter under "sire" perlino tobiano/frame then on the advanced options- red carrier, heterozygous agouti, heterozygous tobiano to find out what color your CFG foal will be!

Stud fee: $750

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For breeding information :

Theresa Rorabaugh

Twin Creek Farms

Phone: 231-856-4693



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